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Welcome to CBN News

CBN News Pvt Ltd with the commitment to the need of the time in today’s dynamic media world, where consumers are looking for an unbiased and fair approach, CBN News has become a popular choice in a very short period. It is now India’s fastest growing Hindi news channel.

CBN News has moved into fast trajectory within a short span of time and is now amongst top Channels of Hindi news genre. It stands out as a brand that is the choice of millions of Indian.


Channel Bazaar

CBN News stands firm on the foundations of its motto – ‘Khabar Har Pal Ki’. Incisive and creative, the channel targets global Indian with news that is credible, fast and continues to raise standards of journalism with innovative programming and uncompromising integrity. Contemporary on-air look and feel, uncluttered screen and presentation have become key differentiation of the channel thereby staying away from hysteria and sensationalism.